Olay 3 Point Super Serum

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Name: Olay 3 Point Super Serum

Cost: £29.99 *now on offer at boots for £19.99 at the time of writing this post*

Where: Boots or online here

Start date of test: 20 June 2013

Testing in: Morning and Evening (morning under make-up)


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Well Well Well.  It’s been 4 weeks since I read that article in the Daily Mail about how this serum with ‘Matrixyl’ (a common ingredient apparently) was clinically proven to decrease wrinkles, sending women into a crazy frenzy and rushing to their nearest Boots to grab one of Olay’s 3-Point Serum (me included of course) to help with these pesky wrinkle lines that plague us no end.

For 4 weeks, I have been religious (even more so than going to church!) about putting two pumps of this super serum on in the morning and two pumps in the evening.  Even when I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa – I’ve had the better half drag me up (yes – waking me up from my sleep that I don’t get enough of in the first place is mad!!)  just so I could put this cream on, after all – it is meant to be scientifically proven by the Daily Mail’s reporter who tested it out for 4 weeks – just like I did. I will say though – that after a month of 4 pumps a day, I still have a little left over whereas I thought that I would have had to but another tube.

And so, on the 19 of June I hot footed down to get a scan of my face from the Visia imagery machine – just to make sure you could see it on paper (or screenshot in this matter!) and today, about 1 month and a bit after – I’ve gone back to get my face scanned again and get the results from my 4-week test. I was excited – I mean, this was going to show results – no lying – the machine doesn’t lie, its very honest, just like the wicked queen’s mirror mirror on the wall, only this time I wouldn’t be asking who was the fairest of them all (certainly not me – I’ve been in the scorching sun all week!! 🙂 ) I would be asking the magical machine – did my wrinkles decrease as promised? And so, it told me. Boy did it tell me.

The result? An epic FAIL :(. In fact – my wrinkles increased! I went from 91% to 83% – the closer you are to 100% the better. My spot-count got worse too – from 83% to 73% but I am always going to expect that with my horrendous skin.

So – it doesn’t work when it comes to helping wrinkles and don’t take my word for it if you don’t believe me – but I have scientific evidence as proof, and that my lovelies – you cannot ignore.  Such a shame though, I was sure I could see my wrinkle lines decreasing! I guess it just goes to show how we ‘make’ things happen with our minds when we want to so desperately believe that it does work, we somehow manage to convince ourselves! 🙁

Won’t be buying again – doesn’t work unfortunately! 🙁

Read the Daily Mail report here.

Visis Results

Visia Results for 19.06.2013

visia results 22.06.13

visia results 22.06.13


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