Perricone MD Intensive Moisture Therapy

Perricone MD Intensive Moisture Therapy

By day, I am saved by this little guy – Perricone’s Intensive Moisture Therapy.  It’s a light, no fragrance moisturizer that I use under my foundation.  Used it for 2 weeks, and throughout the day, my make-up stayed on (always important for my moisturizers to compliment my foundations) and, more importantly, my skin was utterly hydrated throughout – a rarity for me and certainly non-existent during the winter even after smothering myself in moisturizer.

The cream contains high levels of Tocotrienol; which is a superior form of Vitamin E. whats great about Tocotrienol is it can help in reversing signs of aging in major organs and the skin – always a plus when something helps other parts of the body in addition to making us have lovely skin!

Perricone UK does not sell it unfortunately, only the US website offers it. I bought this from – and joy of joys, they were having a special discount on this! I paid £49 for what was supposed to be £99 – which is a freaking steal. After this runs out though –  might try the Deep Moisture Therapy and their award winning – Cold Plasma Cream – EXCITING TIMES!

favicon The Good: Very VERY hydrating, Vitamin E infused

favicon  The Bad: No available on the UK website

favicon  The Ugly: Expensive

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