Proactiv Solution

Proactiv Solution

Proactiv Solution

Everyone knows – I have terrible skin and have had since I was a teenager. It’s truly a curse when you wake up and at 28 – still have constant breakouts.  It’s embarrassing and costly (the amount I’ve spent on creams, treatments, consultants and make up to cover it all up is quite scary and I try not to think about it too much)  Then there was the time I was advised to try the revolutionary Intense Pulse Light Therapy.  The system releases yellow, green and red light that is then emitted in a series of short pulses.  The yellow and green lights destroys the bacteria that causes the acne, then the red light targets the overactive sebaceous glands that’s the cause of all evil.  

Seems easy enough right? I signed up and did a patch test – for some reason, the nurse decided to do the patch test on my face.  BAD IDEA #1.  When I reached home, the better half mentioned that he could see three lines on my face-  he said it looked like I had some newspaper prints on my face, I had no idea what he was talking about and so I looked in the mirror BAD IDEA #2 – I developed very bad burns on my face – three lines straight across my face, like a zebra crossing. I was speechless. After panicking, crying and asking why oh why God had done this to me – I calmed down (a little) To cut a long story short – what followed was months of Vitamin E facials (courtesy of the beauty salon that gave me the burns as they were as horrified as I was), and lots of concealer.  The lines are faint, but still there – a constant reminder of my struggle against my vicious evil skin.

I was actually recommended Proactive by a lovely lady who worked at Shu Uemura.  She had perfect and I mean perfect, flawless skin.  I told her about my problem and said she had terrible skin – until she used Proactive.

I did some research and what do you know – they had it at half price. I tried it the very next day – for two weeks.  The difference? My skin certainly didn’t break out as much and I was happy about that – but the dry skin that followed was awful even after moisturizing, I was drinking copious amounts of water, and consuming every single fruit under the sun to try and help. Me and the avocado? We were best mates. The salicylic acid in the products was too much for my skin I think – and though it took just a couple of days for my dry skin to show, I carried on as it seemed to keep the acne and milia at bay. After 3 weeks – my dry skin was just too much and I had to stop – no matter how good the product was at helping the root of the problem.

It was a shame really – I wish I wasn’t so sensitive – this would have been perfect.

loveheartThe Good: Reduced evil acne

loveheartThe Bad: None

loveheartThe Ugly: Very bad dry skin and peeling – not suitable for combination/sensitive skin

Get it here online if you can’t pop by the shop.

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