30 day shred day 15

Day 15

IMG_1543 (667x1000) IMG_1544 (667x1000)

Pre-Pregnancy weight: 50kg Pre-pregnancy waist: 24in Pre-pregnancy thighs: 18in

Weight now: 54.4kg (up .1 from yesterday) Waist now: 25in(same as yesterday) Thighs now: 21in (same as yesterday)

First let me apologize for the picture. I am in no way auditioning to be a bra model, it’s just after my shred, I was so sweaty that I just whipped off my top and got the better half to quickly take pictures before the natural light disappeared. I didn’t even think that I was (almost) topless and by the time I was writing this post, the sun had gone down and so no more natural light for me. Basically, I apologize I’m half bloody naked.

Right, I took a day off the shred yesterday as my thighs were just killing me to the point where I thought if I did one more bloody squat-jump thing, my entire leg might drop off. And so, in the interest of continuation, I decided I needed a day off. Back to day 15 today, and, oh yes, my thighs are still so sore. Still – I’m halfway there and that’s all I’m thinking of. Well, that and my poor thighs. Hahaha 🙂

rp_IMG_1310-667x1000-200x300.jpg VS rp_IMG_1543-667x1000-200x300.jpg

Here’s my day 1 picture versus today’s day 15 picture – can you see a difference?

IMG_1309 (667x1000) VS IMG_1544 (667x1000)

We went to the park today, it was a lovely day outside, sort of sunny, but not so sunny that you would get a sunburn. There were like millions of people in the park and navigating a pram with the biggest wheels on earth AND two dogs who decided that they simply must walk in different directions was fun to say the least.

Home now and trying to start a bedtime routine with baby C – lest the midwife make me feel like I’m the worse mother on earth because I still don’t have any sort of routine/schedule with baby C. Oh we’ll, we can all but try.

Recently, Ive read alot about ‘CC’ creams.  What on earth are these and are they worth the money spent on them? Does anyone have and recommendations of ones they’ve tried?

Here are my days 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7, day 8, day 9, day 10, day 11,  day 12, day 13 and day 14 of the 30 day shred if you fancy reading about it.

Are you doing the shred too? How are you finding it so far? I would love to hear from you! 🙂

P/S: Fancy winning a Clinique 3-Step system? Enter here!

Speak later alligator! :)


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