30 day shred day 16

Day 16

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Pre-Pregnancy weight: 50kg Pre-pregnancy waist: 24in Pre-pregnancy thighs: 18in

Weight now: 54.6kg (up .2 from yesterday) Waist now: 25in(same as yesterday) Thighs now: 21in (same as yesterday)

So – I took the day off yesterday from shredding, it being the world cup finals and all. And what did I do? I ate cake. I ate bread and I ate baklava. Oh yes – I ate for queen and country and this morning while doing my shred I paid for it BIG time. My thighs have become more sore, my arms are about to drop off and my heels (yes, you read right – my heels) are hurting from digging into the carpet. A twitter friend of mine suggested using shoes while doing plank-jacking – but that didn’t ease my 20 minutes of hell one bit. I think the God of shred is angry at me and hence punishing me for skipping two days worth. 🙁

Anyway, my mum and dad are flying down to see me next Friday and I was so sure I would have finished my 30 days by then but now I think I won’t be. The last thing I need is my mum seeing me looking like a crazy woman jumping around in my living room. I don not need her thinking I’m madder than I already am – maybe ill just have to do the shred in my garage. Oh no, that would mean I have to tidy out the garage. Arghhh! the problems one has to endure in life!!

I was hoping to embark on a healthy fish week this week – but the husband has just reminded me that he’s bought a huge leg of lamb that has to be cooked tonight. I swear he’s trying to fatten me up – why I do not know. Here I am trying to shift this stubborn 4kg off me, and there he is buying enough lamb to feed a small village and then some. Might do my fish-week next week so look out for that.

Lately I’ve been quite distracted with the way things are panning out in our lives. I’m torn between putting all my effort in helping him with his business and expanding, and really putting effort into blogging (on top of looking after baby C of course). He says only one of these could bring in revenue – the problem is, the other one takes me away from all the craziness that revolves around baby poo and housework. I did tell him I would work on his website, but I’m finding it increasingly hard to find enough time in the day. I hope to God that baby C finds a routine soon (PLEASE GOD OF NAP LET HER NAP IN THE AFTERNOONS), so I can get a free more hours to do other stuff in the day.

Well, she’s been down for about a half hour now, and in that time, I have got to;

  • eat lunch
  • hang the nappies out
  • put a new wash load in
  • look for UK-only holiday destinations (no passport for baby C yet so NY is out until then!)
  • Send off for Baby C’s passport SO we can go to NY
  • do a post for Jane Iredale’s mineral make-up

Are you doing the shred too? I would love to hear from you!

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Speak later alligators,


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