30 day shred day 18

Day 18

IMG_1616 (667x1000) IMG_1617 (667x1000)

Pre-Pregnancy weight: 50kg Pre-pregnancy waist: 24in Pre-pregnancy thighs: 18in

Weight now: 53.9kg (down .5 from yesterday) Waist now: 25in(same as yesterday) Thighs now: 21in (same as yesterday)

Right – so I got up early to do my shred this morning. Doing it in the afternoon just kills me PLUS baby C is often crankier then anyway. Today, the shred is alot more manageable, though I must admit I’m still following the Anita version (for those who don’t shred, Anita does modified versions of the exercises – basically for people like me who are totally out of shape). Only 2 more days to go and then level 3. Am I scared? Of course I am – I value the use of my limbs and something tells me its going to be crazy-hard. OK OK, I peeked at the next level today and that’s how I know its crazy. But, I seek comfort in knowing that its going to be over very soon *gets down on knees and prays* 🙂 I also did 30 seconds (seemed like an eternity though!) of the dolphin plank – apparently this will help banish the mummy-tummy. *prays doubly hard* 🙂

dolphin plank

dolphin plank

I guess you have gathered that I didn’t go out today for my colleagues goodbye lunch – there was no way I would make it in time, Baby C woke up late and I was up from 6am (I have no idea why we didn’t shut the blinds last night, mr sun was not kind to me at all this am) . I mean, I think is still considered rude to turn up to a lunch and doze off during the starters – I mean, things may have changed but how would I know – I never get out of the house anymore. Except to Waitrose if we run out of milk (tea without milk is just a no-no and just so wrong).

Are you doing the shred too? I would love to hear from you and how you’re getting on – just leave a comment in the box below and I will be sure to reply! (when I have a spare minute of course, being a new mummy is a crazy all-time-consuming job!)

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P/S: Fancy winning a Clinique 3-Step system? Enter here!

PP/S: I have a BIG question to ask you – yes, you who are reading this *points finger squarely at you* Do you think this blogs layout is nice? I mean – is there something missing? Something that’s a little too much? Please let me know in the comments section below – change is always good! 🙂 I’ve been feeling a little jaded recently with the who to blog or not to blog question and wonder if perhaps a fresh new change in layout is all this blog needs…

Toodles for now!


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