30 day shred day 19

Day 19

IMG_1638 (667x1000) IMG_1637 (667x1000)

Pre-Pregnancy weight: 50kg Pre-pregnancy waist: 24in Pre-pregnancy thighs: 18in

Weight now: 52.8kg (down 1.1kg from yesterday) Waist now: 25in(same as yesterday) Thighs now: 21in (same as yesterday)

Oh My. Could it be true? My weight this morning was a (wait for it…..) 52.8kg. I mean, could the shred be actually working? I mean, I’m still eating all sorts of rubbish still and I’m sat here drinking a small of bubbly, while I wait for a delicious serving of spaghetti bolognese made by the lovely husband. Now that is going to shoot my calorie count through the roof all the way up to mars. I don’t feel any lighter, nor do I see it, but unless my weighing scales are wrong – somethings working. Could the shred actually be doing something? I don’t know – I’ve always hated excising – I find it mind-numbingly boring. Anyway – one more day and I’m on the final day of level 2. You know what that mean – that’s right.. one more day till the start of Level 3, and then 10 days of that and ITS OVER! Goodbye Jillian. Goodbye bleeding plank-jacks. Goodbye miserable squat-lunge-wierd-thing! 🙂

It has been actually steaming hot here in London these past two days – and I mean STEAMING – how steaming? Try 30deg steaming. Baby C has been hanging out in just her nappies, which is very cute, but along with this freakishly warm weather, come the annoying mosquitoes, so I’m trying to kill them while simultaneously keeping and eye on her little body *cue hand swats and karate kicks on unseen mosquitoes*

Mum and dad are coming down next Friday and I am freaking out. The house is in a state, my hair is in a mess (I can categorically state that I know for a fact my hair will still be mess next friday) and the garage is practically a tip. My mum is a cleaner, and I would hate for her to come visit me just to clean – and I know she will. There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to clean poos, attend strange rhymathons in the park (yes, they do exist, and yes, adults actually do the hokey-cokey in full view of everyone) and clean. Grrrrrrrr. 🙁

Anyhow, I have to run off now, but I am most excited to announce….. that I will be doing a review on Urban Decays Naked foundation tomorrow. Ahhh, its the little things that excite me still. Good times! 😉

Are you doing the shred too? I would love to hear from you and how you’re getting on – just leave a comment in the box below and I will be sure to reply! (when I have a spare minute of course, being a new mummy is a crazy all-time-consuming job!)

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Toodles for now,


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