30 day shred day 5

Day 5

IMG_1338 (667x1000) IMG_1341 (667x1000)

Pre-Pregnancy weight: 50kg Pre-pregnancy waist: 24in Pre-pregnancy thighs: 18in

Weight now: 55kg (up .5 from yesterday) Waist now: 26in Thighs now: 22in

30 day shred day 5 – looking at these pictures I’m horrified as I think Ive actually grown?! I mean, we had sushi yesterday, that’s meant to be non-fat right? I don’t know,maybe the lighting when I took the picture today is worse  – that’s right, I’m blaming the lighting. Or my eyes. Have a look below for day 1 VS day 5;

IMG_1310 (667x1000) VS IMG_1338 (667x1000)

What do you think? The other half says that I’m being crazy to expect anything after day 5, but some ladies on a forum I’m on have such great results after just a few days, I guess I thought I would see the same too.  I hope by day 10 I should be able to see some sort of difference! I read somewhere that 10 minutes of hula hooping is meant to be good for you too – so I might try that in conjunction with my shred.  For some reason the other half actually owns a hula-hoop (OK, to be fair, it isn’t his, it belonged to his ex, but for some reason he’s still got it).

Its another non-day today – non-stop rain and misery. Oh wait, Wimbledon is on – that explains it all. I was thinking that for our mail meals next week, we should just eat fish – different types of fish of course. Fish is meant to be so healthy for you (yes even the the battered type!) BUT I realised that its my birthday (can you believe I’m FINALLY 21!!) OK, no, I lie, I’m 30.  So for my birthday we decided to go out somewhere fancy, don’t know where yet, but I’m sure it’ll be lovely. Maybe we’ll do our fishy-week the following week.

OK – lunch now (I know, I know its 5pm but when you’re a mum time seems to stand still!) then perhaps a film on. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

P/S: Here are days 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4 of the shred if you are interested to have a read. If you’re a shredder too – how’s your routine going?



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