30 day shred day 9

Day 9

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Pre-Pregnancy weight: 50kg Pre-pregnancy waist: 24in Pre-pregnancy thighs: 18in

Weight now: 54.5kg (down .4 frm yesterday) Waist now: 26in Thighs now: 21.5in (down .5)

Arghhhhh – I’m 21! I feel so old…… Ok, fine, I’m not really 21, if I was, then I’ve been 21 for 6 years. I’m really 30. Yes, laugh it up, I am an old cow. Still, this old cow managed to do her 30 day shred day 9 – eeek – day 10 tomorrow then we switch it up to the next level!

I had a lovely breakfast this morning courtesy of the other half – fried tomatoes, half-cooked bacon, gorgeous mushrooms and scrambled eggs on sourdough bread. YUM. Who was trying to lose weight again? Surely not me?

birthday 1

The we all went out for lunch at Hakkasan Mayfair. I must say, we do love that place, the food is always so tasty and piping hot and sooooooo freakin’ good its almost a sin not to like it. I tell you what, getting there was a pain my my bloody arse though. I never knew how hard it was with a pram (why would I – i’ve never had one before i guess!) But Green Park must be every mother’s worse nightmare. The endless tunnels, far lifts and steps make for a maze of craziness that just seems endless. And what is with people that are just too lazy to walk and want to take the lifts? The lifts are meant for the elderly, parents with prams or young children and luggage. NOT for you who are able-bodied. No. You are just LAZY. Ok, rant over.  Now let me show you the food. Yum!

birthday 3


Every girls needs a glass of champagne on her birthday. That’s the rule and so we must not break it or the God of birthdays will be angry.

birthday 4

Spicy prawns with lily bulb and almond in a curry sauce. Mmmmmm. I do love prawns. Prawns + me = Happy birthday girl. The better half loved the sauce in this dish. Was really rich but tasty. Definitely added to my already growing thighs. Hahaha. 🙂

birthday 5

Chicken in a claypot – this was really really good. The chicken was really soft and the whole dish was infused with garlic, always a winner with me. This has Szechuan pepper in it too – so not for the faint-hearted. Or for the faint-hearted – just standby a BIG glass of water nearby. 😉

birthday 6

Ok – this morning glory vegetable was the worse dish. It wasn’t terrible tasting – it was just b-o-r-i-n-g. It didn’t blow my mind but it definitely blew a hole in my pocket. Grrr.. I tried to eat most of it, but it was like eating long grass. Eurghhh. 🙁

birthday 10

Steamed berkshire pork belly in fish sauce – not to everyone taste but certainly was to MINE! Hello pork bellyyyyyyyy!! Now, I know that this is probably the most fattening dish you could ever have, but do I feel bad about eating almost all of it (the better half didn’t like the fishy sauce taste so be wary if your not a fish fan either) HELL NO. I would eat two of these babies anytime!

birthday 7

And then there was this – a small little sorbet with a happy birthday written in chocolate – every 21-year old’s dream. Happy birthday to me indeed. 🙂

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