30 day shred

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Pre-Pregnancy weight: 50kg Pre-pregnancy waist: 24in Pre-pregnancy thighs: 18in

Weight now: 54.7kg Waist now: 26in Thighs now: 22in

OK – I gave up on the 30 day squat challenge. Why? Because it didn’t seem to do anything. Because I didn’t feel my thighs burn too much after each session. And the most important reason of all. Because the 30 day shred just sounded that much more meaner. I bought the DVD on amazon for a fiver – nothing to what I was being promised by Jillian Michaels – have a look here.

And so today was day one. The rules are simple. There are three programs of 20 minutes each, and you do 10 days of each program. Each program is harder than the last of course, so I guess by the third program I might be half dead! (please check back in 20-odd days time!) Then, in 30 days – you’ll look like you’ve never had a baby.  You’ll look like a Victoria Secret model. You’ll look like a GOD. OK, maybe not like a God, but the other two still stand. 😉

So – here’s what I’ll do. Ill document my 30 days shred here with pictures daily and we shall see. Will Victoria Secret come a-calling? Who knows. Jillian Michaels seems convinced she’s going to change my body one stomach-churning crunch at a time. My legs ache a little now (thank you bloody jumping jacks!!)  and my mummy jelly belly feels a little stretched. I just know I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow. Great – at least I know Ive done something!

Happy working out lovelies!


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