30 day squat challenge

Day 6

30 day challenge

Day 6: 75 squats (plus 50 crunches)

Weight: 54.6kg

Thunder-thigh circumference: 21 inches

Day 6 of my 30 day squat challenge and I’m getting tired. My thighs sting and my wobbly jelly-like stomach keeps rearing its ugly head at me whenever i look down. Grrrrrrrr…I know realistically its insane to want to see results in 6 days and I’m an impatient frog, but just some inch, any ich off my thunder thighs would be a step in the right direction. I mean – is it too much to ask for oh God-of-30-day squat-challenges?! Ok, and then the bloody weight has gone back up. I can’t seem to stop snacking!  I’ve already cut down on the sugar by virtue of me not drinking tea (can you believe I once used to have 7 sugars with one cup of tea!!!) but I can’t seem to stop cutting out the snacks.

I really think we (or rather me) would benefit from walking Baby C with the doggies in the park for an hour or two, you know, get some fresh air and walking is soooooo healthy, but alas, I’m such a wuss that dare not venture out by myself with Baby C yet. I know, shes 10 weeks now, but still, I’m a big chicken. I would panic if anything happened to her (think eagle swooping down and carrying her off to a far far land etc) I know, it sounds silly, but these images actually go on in my mind!

I really don’t want to go to a gym – I find those places sooooo boringgggg and whenever I see anyone on a treadmill in there behind a glass window I feel like I’m looking at hamsters on those wheels in their cages! Dieting is out of the question as I’m boobfeeding so I’m really stuck as to what to do to shift this weight. 🙁

Right off to make my salad. Maybe tomorrow will be the day that I see some sort of change! Can anyone help?!


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