30 day squat challenge

Day 8

30 day challenge

Day 8: Rest Day (I did 100 crunches)

Weight: 54.6kg

Thunder-thigh circumference: 21 inches (thank God it went back down!)

OK – this post is late because of two things; the England match was on and baby C decided today was the day she didn’t want an afternoon nap (cue very tired mummy). And so, Day 8 of my 30 day squat challenge and I’m getting bored. It’s meant to be my rest day to so I’ve done 100 crunches instead. I bought the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD last night on amazon (click here if you want to see it) and I think if after this 30 day squat challenge I see none or very little results – I’m going to have to pull out all the stops and do the 30 day shred (which I hear is god-awful and tears you limb from limb but RESULTS APLENTY).

So I see no movement yet – the weight seems to be steady at 54.6 and the thunder thighs have somehow gone back down to 21 inches. You must be measuring it at different places I hear you say? No – I have a birthmark on my thigh where I measure everyday so it’s pretty much the same place measured. That just means after 8 days, my thighs STILL have not moved down – moved up yesterday (thank you God of thighs!). Ill keep persevering but in all honesty… I’m slowly giving up hope – kind of like England’s chance’s of making it to the next stage of the world cup right now. 🙁

I’m so happy its Friday tomorrow, the better half returns on Saturday morning and we have missed him terribly. It’s really hard with a (almost) new-born and I’m seriously lacking in the sleep department. I bet he is as well though – and why do I just know he’s going to say he needs a few hours to catch up on sleep due to the jet lag?! Hahaha. 🙂

Right, time to change the little madam’s bum now. She just farted and we all know what that means.


KimmyX aka Thunder Thighs

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