39 weeks 1 day pregnant

39 + 1 week

OK. I’m all stretched out now – my skin feels like its about to burst ala aliens style. Time to come out baby. Today – I am 39 weeks 1 day pregnant and I have bounced on that silly ball for an hour, eaten a really hot sandwich and I have just had a hot curry for dinner (plus extra bird’s eye chilli of course). I have also been drinking raspberry leaf tea like its going out of fashion tomorrow. Nothing yet.  I’m beginning to very much doubt these old wives tales. I also took the dogs for a walk around the dock. Nada. Nothing. No water breaking, no dramatic dash to the hospital. No cursing the ward down about how much pain I am in. Not yet anyway. 🙂

hot curry anyone?

hot curry anyone?

Today we also went to BnQ to get a shitload of gardening stuff – the weather has been so gloriously (and uncharacteristically for March) sunny that we (the other half) decided it was time to get his hands dirty and do some gardening. So while he dug, cut, power-sawed his way though the garden, I sat on that silly ball, bouncing up and down like an idiot.

Tomorrow is Sunday and apparently its a great day to give birth – for one, the parking is free at the hospital and also I have nothing planned in my diary.  So there you have it. Ive decided tomorrow is d-day. Are you listening in there baby?

P/S: Tomorrow I am going to be walking up and down the stairs like a crab – sideways that is. According to the midwife, that’s meant to help kick-start labour? Who would have thought?!?! 🙂 I secretly think these old wives tales were made up to make us look like fools – I mean, walking sideways like a crab? Surely not? Oh well, I’ll give it a try. And yes, I’m willing to look like a fool, if anything it’ll get a laugh out of the other half!



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