39 weeks pregnant

39 weeks

39 weeks

Right. Full Term. I never thought I would get here, but here I am. That’s right. Me. Miss I-can’t-do-it-it’s-killing-me.  I’m 39 weeks pregnant TODAY. Are you listening in there baby? The oven is done. Fully cooked. All systems GO. Come out come out where ever you are (well in my belly).  These last few days have been seriously god-damn hard (and I’m not being ungrateful).  I hardly sleep, my left leg is numb from sleeping only on my left (apparently this helps blood flow??!) I can’t turn by myself, getting up is like moving a boulder and walking up and down the stairs is making me consider getting a chair lift for the house (part of me also thinks this could be fun for the doggies. No – pregnancy its not fun but then again, no one said it was.


My bag is almost packed – I probably should get that sorted soon. I mean, just how many nappies do you need on that first day?! Boob cream – yea or nay? Massage oil? Bendy straws? No one knows. Reading the previous experiences of mums around the world just confuses me even more. Tell you what I definitely packed though – a small bottle of champagne. After 9 months of having a teaspoon here and a tablespoon there of some form of booze (mulled wine does not count)  – I am ready for a proper flute of lovely bubbly.  Oh yes. Show me the bubbles! 🙂

Champagne to toast the baby! And for mummy of course!

Champagne to toast the baby! And for mummy of course!

So here I am at 39 weeks. 39 weeks and ready to fire this baby out. We met a midwife at the birthing suite yesterday and she gave the most funniest, most entertaining little speech about contractions and labour – the only point where I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry was when she told me it was more than likely I would go over – like most people do. I could have decked her – but I didn’t – the thought of all the energy I would need getting up and mustering up some arm muscle made me feel really tired.  She was great though and if anything, very entertaining (and informative).  Hot curry, pineapple, bouncing on a ball, sitting down leaning forward and long walks so far have not worked, and believe me, Ive tried the LOT. Nothing. Nada. No baby, Yet.

So. just what am I going to do today? Well. The clothes have now piled up so someone needs to fold them. Then there is the bouncing on the ball. Stupid ball. I hate it – Its such an odd thing to do bouncing on it, I can’t imagine what my neighbours might think if they saw me (though I don’t know why they would be looking through my windows) Then I suppose I will have to finish up packing and put the bag in the car – urghh, more steps to climb down from to get to the car. Making me feel tired already.

Actually, I need to buy some drawers for our bathroom as my make-up addiction has (surprise surprise) spiraled out of control and gained a life of it’s own. So I guess an afternoon spent on eBay and Amazon is in order. What’s really annoying is a few years ago we found the perfect one on eBay and paid about 200 pounds for it – only to later find out the idiots selling it were rogues and just did away with our money and never delivered the drawers. And silly me didn’t pay with a credit card so I couldn’t claim the money back.  Yes – I am quite silly (sometimes) (most of the time).

Ok, I have to run off now (not literally of course – I can’t run anymore, nor walk, just waddle).  Speak soon.



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