Bambi’s room


before – nice and boring 🙂

A few weekends ago, we (more like me really)  decided that instead of painting the baby’s room, we would wallpaper it instead, because it *seemed* easier. I mean, what’s hard about putting some glue on the back of a sheet and sticking it up on the wall right? Probably be done in a couple of hours. WRONG.

We asked a very good friend to help  – you didn’t think me being a mini-whale was going to help the other half do it did you?! And so, on a Sunday, she came over in the afternoon to help.  The wallpaper I bought was from John Lewis and granted – was not cheap, but I loved it. Its called ‘what a hoot’ and its got owls (surprise surprise) and a few other birds on there too. We bought a gender neutral one as we still don’t know what we’re having – girl, boy or alien.

This was when the fun really started. Apparently the wallpaper comes in strips – I don’t know why for the life of me, I thought it would be one huge piece (can you tell I’ve never wallpapered anything in my life before?!) So that meant that we (they) had to match the owls and birds to the next sheet. Then there was the glue application. Apply too much and it slid off the wall and squirted out onto the sides (hello gluey fingers), too little glue and it would barely stick. Following that headache, we (again, they) had to make sure that they didn’t stick the wrong birds butt next to a wrong birds face when lining up the strips.  Then came the smoothing out of the bubbles after the wallpaper was put up – miss a bubble and the whole piece would stick out like a sore thumb with lumpy bits – not a good look. Don’t get me started on corners and wallpapering behind the radiators.  It took a grand total of 3 days to wallpaper the whole room (bearing in mind this is a tiny tiny room). I say it again people, 3 whole days. Read it and weep. 🙂

photo 3

Ta-daa! What a hoot!

After surveying said wallpapered room, our friend remarked ‘I hope your baby likes birds and owls or we will be in trouble!’  Hahaha, it would be ironic if the baby developed a phobia of birds and owls, but we will deal with that when the issue arises. Plenty of good owl psychiatrists out there.

Here is the link to the wallpaper if you fancy it too:

John Lewis What a Hoot Wallpaper

So that’s the room done. I think we have everything we need – well, we have the essentials really. I mean, how much does a baby really need? All it does is drink boob milk, pee, poo, cry – right? Everything else we can buy.  As the better half always says when we leave the country – all we need is passports and money, anything else we forget we can always buy when we get there! (though I’m pretty sure you can’t get a sombrero in Antarctica if we were going there!) Ole!

Tomorrow I plan to try and bake some brownies, just because I feel like eating them. When your hauling a bun in the oven, you get to say things like that and get away with it, no one will judge you and you can eat stuff without feeling bad about it – result!  Look out for that post!



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