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It was our 3rd year anniversary last Wednesday and because it was a working day – we ordered a take away and decided that we would have a proper celebration dinner on Friday.  We absolutely love Hakkasan and this was the 3rd time we would have been here – twice at Hakkasan Hanway Place and once at Mayfair (didn’t like that one too much – ambiance was not to my liking – place was too loud). The restaurant boasts 1 Michelin Star and rightfully so – the food is awesome.

The better half has always been a huge fan of piping hot food – and believe you me, it does not get anymore hotter then here – especially since they use clay-pots to bring some of the dishes out in (and in those clay pots, the food stays hot forever!) Great if you are a slow eater like me 🙂

Here is what we had, and my verdict on them:

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You have got to try this Salt and Pepper Squid. I love how soft the squid is – its so rare that any restaurant can do this – most of the ones we have had were rubbery. These bad boys are gorgeously seasoned with salt and pepper (not too much nor too little) I asked what the secret was to getting the squid so soft and she said to score it before and so – we will try it! I very much doubt we could replicate this – but we will give it a good try! 🙂

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Stir Fry Organic Pork Belly in a Salted Fish sauce – these pork belly dishes seem to follow me where ever I go! Ok Ok, so I always order it – can’t get enough of it! This was beautifully soft and came steaming hot as it came in a claypot. The dish has some heat to it too, which was a lovely addition as it didn’t overpower the dish. If you want a ‘kick’, try munching on one of the chilies (P/S: please have a cup of water handy!) 🙂

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Possibly the best vegetable dish I have ever tried. No one does Gai Lan like the Chinese do and this Gai Lan and Salted Fish stir fry with fresh chili is outstanding. I would recommend this to everyone, please don’t be put off by the salted fish stir fry, I promise it does not overtake the dish at all, this dish is so delicate and GORGEOUS that I ended up eating 90% of it (sorry better half! next time I promise to leave you at least 20%!) 🙂 Did I mention I loved this dish yet?

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This Chili Prawn and Jin Chuan sauce dish was the better half’s favourite. The prawns were HUGE and very soft. The sauce accompaniment was absolutely stunning as well and again, a touch of heat to the dish which was nice.

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Alas, I was not a fan of this Vegetable and preserved Olive Fried Rice – I thought it was bland and a little boring if I’m being honest 🙁 The better half loved it though – and while healthy, it just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t taste the olive in the rice enough which was a shame. 🙁

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One of the waitresses recognized us and as we got talking, found out it was our anniversary. She very kindly informed the kitchen and look what they did! I had the Jivara bomb, which was milk chocolate, hazelnut praline (urghh sooo good!), rice krispies (who said those were only for breakfast!!) all over it and a side swipe of popping candy – it was to die for! Not heavy at all.  The better half had Chocolate Marquise, which was dark chocolate, caramelised macadamia and kumquat which he loved. I’ve had it before and found it to be a touch too rich for me as I don’t quite fancy dark chocolate.

All in all – such a fantastic place and one we will definitely be coming back to, totally worth the money for the culinary skills of the chefs that ply their trade there. The waitresses and waiters are all so very friendly and polite and the service is fast! If you go – say hi to Fiona! She is awesome.

Hakkasan Website here if you want to have a gander. 🙂

Have you been to Hakkasan Hanway Place before? What did you think?


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