Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Because I will not be spending money on a new wardrobe (thank you dodgy wardrobe sales people  – read here) I decided that I would spoil the better half at a fancy restaurant to congratulate him on his first contract as a self-employed dude.  Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester holds many dear memories for us – we came here on our first wedding anniversary and had such a great time, so coming back here was definitely something he would appreciate.

We got an early reservation, only because I know how long we take at these restaurants and we still wanted to be home at a decent hour so he would not be too tired to do some reading, and I would not be as pissed to write a post – job done, its 1045pm, and I am neither pissed nor tired. 🙂

The food – lovely as usual, you really do appreciate the masterful quality that goes into the design, thoughtfulness of blending flavours and sheer cookery that produce such dishes that would be hard to replicate in your own kitchen (not that it would stop us from trying!)

Have a look at some pictures I took while there;

We were quite early and so had a drink at the Bar – I had the Dorchester Bellini and the better half had the Malt Fig Sour. I would recommend the Dorchester Bellini – its really quite fruity!

Dorchester Bellini and Malt Fig Sour Alain Ducasse

Dorchester Bellini and Malt Fig Sour

For the mains, we each had the tasting menu, which is essentially smaller dishes of the best of what the chef has to offer.  Different tasting menus have different amount of dishes, this one had 7.  Yes – before you ask, I ate no lunch and only had a breakfast, there was no way on earth I was going to be able to finish my dinner if I ate lunch (and for the amount of money I was paying for the meal I better had finished it all!!!)

To start:

Warm Dorset Crab with delicate royale Alain Ducasse

Warm Dorset Crab with delicate royale

This was probably my least favourite – I found it a little bland and tasteless, and it was not warm like the menu said it was.  I did like the little porcelain egg shell it came prepared in though – odd that it came in an egg shell, but funny all the same!

Cookpot of green asparagus and morels Alain Ducasse

Cookpot of green asparagus and morels

The second dish was asparagus and mushrooms – the sauce of this dish is what really stood out for me, an asparagus velouté (posh word for asparagus sauce!)  I have always been a fan of asparagus, so I loved this dish.

sauté gourmand of lobster, truffles chicken quenelles Alain Ducasse

sauté gourmand of lobster, truffles chicken quenelles and pasta

I am not the biggest fan of lobster, never have been, however, this was probably my favourite dish of the whole night.  The lobster was meaty and the bisque jus that accompanied this dish was something I would give my arm for.  What was really special about this dish was the chicken quenelles – creamed chicken in an oval shape bound by egg.  Now the recipe for this I would give a leg for – I have never in my life, had chicken like that before.  Something that me and the better half are going to (try) to replicate at home.

Our mains:

Seared John Dory with White Asparagus, Citrus, 'sabayon maltais' Alain Ducasse

Seared John Dory with White Asparagus, Citrus, ‘sabayon maltais’

The fish was seasoned perfectly, love the ‘clean’ taste of John Dory so was happy with this dish. Once again, the jus to accompany this dish was outstanding – a citrus sauce called ‘sabayon maltais’ – a blood orange sauce. The seasonal white asparagus was interesting to taste.  Will be trying this at home so look out for the recipe soon!

Anjou Pigeon à labroche, with Purple Artichokes and rotie d'abbatis Alain Ducasse

Anjou Pigeon à labroche, with Purple Artichokes and rotie d’abattis

I have never had pigeon in my life so this was a first for me.  I was surprised at how soft this was (and no, it does not taste of chicken).  The artichoke had a hint of garlic and I didn’t try the ‘rotie d’abattis, simply because it had foie gras in it and I just cannot eat that – its nasty what they do to the poor geese to obtain the finished product. *angry face* 🙁

The better half reported (after gobbling mine up) that it was yummy, if you like black pudding. Shouldn’t surprise as it contains hearts and livers too. *angry face again* 🙁 🙁

Our dessert(s):

Alain Ducasse Cheese


I love cheese – the smellier the better.  On our french cheese board, we had a goats cheese (not a fan) Camembert (I ate the whole lot – one of my favourite cheeses of all time) a hard cheese that for the life of me I cannot remember her name but it wasn’t special, and Roquefort (sheep milk blue cheese) that went surprisingly well with my white wine. Overall – not as impressed with the cheese board as I was the main meal.

Exotic fruit sorbet with contemporary vacherin Alain Ducasse

Exotic fruit sorbet with contemporary vacherin

Two sorbets as a palette cleanser (one lemon and one mango), accompanied by coconut meringues and an exotic fruit sauce (I’m sure the maître d’ had a posh name for the sauce, but at this point I am so full that I am about to burst and therefore was not paying attention) Not the biggest fan of this, depending on which mouthful you took, it was either very sweet or very tart. Gave my portion to the better half (after gobbling up the meringues).

Macaroons and dark chocolate Alain Ducasse

Macaroons and dark chocolate

I love macaroons and which french restaurant would leave you hanging without some freshly made ones! I had the strawberry and pineapple ones.  Sorry, but chocolate macaroons are just wrong.  I didn’t eat any of the dark chocolate as I don’t like them. I’m more a white or milk chocolate kinda girl.

Alain Ducasse Coffee

coffee for 1

The better half cannot eat dessert without coffee so he had a cappuccino – complete with a love heart. Altogether now… awwwwwwww. 🙂

Alain Ducasse


Then they rolled out this trolley and by this time, I am in danger of bursting out of my dress so I opt for nothing. The better half had a fruit tart (where on earth he puts it all I am still figuring that one out!!)

Alain Ducasse Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart

All in all, a great Saturday night out. Would I recommend it? I would – the ambiance is great and waiters ever so helpful and friendly. Was the food good? Yes, for the most part it was (this review was of course written entirely to my tastes) Was it expensive? You bet your last pound it was, but, it was a treat (I will be bankrupt if we came here ALL the time!) and the better half felt spoiled. Job done. Great wife – tick!

Happy eating lovelies – I am off to watch Angels and Demons!


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