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STK – yet another steakhouse recommended by a good friend at work who knows I LOVE steak as much as I love my husband. The last time we went to Hawksmoor – we were sorely disappointed (and paid far too much money!) and so I was a bit skeptical on going with another so called ‘best steak in London’ punt.  Nevertheless, the lure of ‘if you don’t like it I’ll pay for your meal (no drinks included in this deal) was tempting enough. If he was bold enough to offer that, I figured it couldn’t be THAT bad, could it?


And so, last Friday, my last day at work, off we trotted down The Strand to STK, an American chain steakhouse that serves USDA Prime beef – The highest in quality and intramuscular fat, with limited supply. Currently, about 2.9% of carcasses grade as Prime, so really, this was the dogs bollocks of beef.  I LOVE Argentinian beef, so it was going to be a tough act to follow, the better half is not as fussy as I am and he has had some really good US beef (or so he tells me) so he was interested to see what this restaurant was like.  The interior reminded me a little of Gaucho – dark, moody and sexy. Tick. And no cowhide to sit on (those seats at Gaucho always make my legs itch!) Tick two.

Price wise – its not much different to a night out at Gaucho – I would say it was almost the same so these lot had to pull something special out of their hat for me to change allegiances.

We were there at 5.15pm – pretty early but I ended work at 4.30pm and didn’t fancy waiting around, plus now I’m the size of a mini bus, I get tired pretty quickly, so eating early sat fine with me.  The staff were all really nice when we came in (maybe they were afraid I would throw a pregnancy-related tantrum or worse, sit on them!) and within minutes we were met by Alex, a really lovely french waiter.  He was (surprise surprise) an ex-Gaucho waiter and so knew what we were talking about when we mentioned how we liked our meat.  Straight off the bat, he said their fillet (my favourite) was not as good at Gaucho (said was not as soft and tender) – one point for honesty! but their Ribeye did a lot better – I actually liked that more (on this occasion!)

our bread starter

our bread starter

We were first served with a starter of Brioche Bread with a blue cheese spread, accompanied by a lovely garlic dip, and while this was nice, it was nowhere as nice as the famous cheese bread starter you get at Gaucho, but then again, nothing comes close to that anyway.

my fillet with a Bearnaise sauce

my fillet with a Bearnaise sauce

Alex didn’t lie – my fillet was not the best I’ve had but the Ribeye was lovely – comparable to the one served at Gaucho. You get a complimentary sauce (I don’t normally order one as I like tasting the meat) and we ordered two sides – a spinach (which was really really good) and a rather odd choice of Brussels Sprouts with Bacon (not a big Brussels fan but I could stomach this thanks to the smoked flavor of the bacon coming out and influencing my taste buds)

Ribeye with a pepper sauce - YUM

Ribeye with a pepper sauce – YUM

All in all – it wasn’t bad – not by a long-shot.  Being a fillet girl myself, I would be inclined to go back to Gaucho as it’s better there (for me of course).  Its always good to try new places though and I’m glad we went. And no, I didn’t ask for the money we paid from my money-back-guarantee deal from my mate. If you are a ribeye fan – this is definitely the place for you.  Also, on the weekends, after 8pm, the place converts into a mini club with a DJ which sounds like fun! If i wasn’t a mini whale – we would have definitely come later and stayed one! (no one wants to see a mini whale bustin’ a move on the dance floor – for God’s sake, people want to eat!!)

Happy eating!



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