The Cliff

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We love the cliff – for so many reasons.  When we started dating in 2004, this was one of the first places we went to. Set in Sentosa within the The Sentosa Resort and Spa hotel, this gem is hidden away tucked within a vast amount of greenery and overlooking the South China Sea.

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and more shots of the outside:

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and you sit on a ‘ledge’ almost, when looking down, this is what you see:


the chairs are lounges – very comfortable and very ‘homely’ almost

check these seats out!

check these seats out!

And then it rained...

And then it rained…

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We started with some bread – Baguette, Walnut and Cranberry,  The Cranberry one was far by the best – had hints of cinnamon in it.

My main

My main

We were really full and so didn’t order any starters – we leapt straight into the mains. Once again, I find myself having pork – I don’t know why!  My main was Iberico Pork* Belly , Rib Roll with Apple-Sauerkraut puree, accompanied with potato dumpling and cabbage roll.  The portion was MAJORLY small.  The pork was gorgeous – soft on the inside, and not as fatty as the KU DÉ TA one.  I was not a fan of the Rib Roll – was a little too tough for my liking.  The Potato Dumpling was nice and the Apple-Sauerkraut puree was pleasantly tasty – I normally stay away from anything sauerkraut (taste’s really odd to me) so this was a nice surprise.  All in all – If you are a fan of belly pork – I would recommend this dish (the better half said that he liked the Rib Roll and that I was just too much of a belly pork fan to appreciate a good rib!)

The better half's main

The better half’s main of lamb

The better half had Lamb Short Loin with Sesame Crust, accompanied with Sweet Turnip puree, Baby Eggplant, Fave Beans and Macerated King Oyster Mushroom. I had a little nibble of it – and. Wow. The lamb – soft and moist. The Sesame Crust while subtle, really comes through when you chew the meat.  I didn’t try the accompaniments and so can’t really say much on those!

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Our desserts: Mine was a mango and clementine sorbet (nothing special really) but the better half had The Cliff Lemon Tart, with textures of Lemon, Gin and Tonic Jelly, Tonka Bean Ice Cream and Yuzu Sorbet – this I would recommend to everyone, especially if you are a lemon fan.And the tiny jelly’s of gin and tonic – really really nice! I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

After dinner, we had to head back home, but not before we got a quick picture.  We have had drinks at this bar before, I would recommend coming here when its a little lighter – you see the sun disappear behind the sea.  I took the best picture I could – it was a little dark unfortunately. Have a look;


On the way out – we saw some fish koi’s. It just added to the whole ambiance of the place.


Its an expensive restaurant – but the food is great and the view – just breathtaking.  Make sure you book in advance though – the placings are quite limited. Have fun and if you go – let me know what you think!



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