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Karin Herzog Acne Kit with Oxygen Face Cream

Karin Herzog

Karin Herzog

I’ve read loads about Karin Herzog in the news recently – the brand is famous for their ‘oxygen’ induced creams. Ive been trying out their Acne Kit in a bid to try and get rid of my problematic skin – it truly is a curse to have such issues at a grand old age of 28 – not to mention embarrassing. 🙁 Continue reading

Perricone MD Intensive Moisture Therapy

Perricone MD Intensive Moisture Therapy

By day, I am saved by this little guy – Perricone’s Intensive Moisture Therapy.  It’s a light, no fragrance moisturizer that I use under my foundation.  Used it for 2 weeks, and throughout the day, my make-up stayed on (always important for my moisturizers to compliment my foundations) and, more importantly, my skin was utterly hydrated throughout – a rarity for me and certainly non-existent during the winter even after smothering myself in moisturizer. Continue reading

Perricone MD High Potency Evening Repair

Perricone MD High Potency Evening Repair

Tuesday night, after my nightly routine of scraping off my makeup and scrubbing my face, I noticed patches of dry skin appearing down the sides of my cheeks and around my nose. SEXY. Ive always suffered from temperamental skin – bits of it dry, some of it oily and all of it very annoying.  Winter is the worse as the radiator comes on, sending my skin into overdrive. I have pimples and milia, which camp out permanently on my skin, waiting to attack me at all angles.  Ok, rant over. Continue reading

Decleor Prolagene Gel

Decleor Prolagene Gel



Name: Decleor Prolagene Gel

Price: £36.00

Where : Decleor Online



Yet another cream I was given to help placate my IPL burns.  I had never heard of this brand before now and suddenly I had two things from her (the cleansing milk being the other) This gel however, was meant to supply the skins deep tissue with active ingredients necessary for the reconstruction of natural collagen – which basically means trying to help grow new skin over my burned skin – repairing my face.

It’s a a bit of an odd smell, not unpleasant nor lovely, and a clear green gel emerges from the little bottle (and I mean quite little 150ml) I used it fervently over 3 months on the burn, twice a day and slowly but surely, the scar faded (it’s still visible but is drastically reduced) did it work? Yes a little  Though it did take a while and didn’t disappear completely, I’m still grateful it faded the scar somewhat. AT £36 for 150ml, it’s not the cheapest thing on the market, but I can testify that it does work even on burns and when applied immediately (like I did) cools the burn down significantly.  Highly recommended if you’re trying to repair and stimulate collagen growth. Not recommended if you want fast results

favicon The Good : Works if you are religious about applying, Immediately cools

favicon The Bad: Took a while to see any improvement

favicon The Ugly: Very expensive, depending on area applying to – you may find yourself running out very quickly

Get it here online.

Decleor Prolagene Gel

Body Shop Honey and Oat Scrub

Body Shop Honey and Oat Scrub


Name: Body Shop Honey and Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask

Price: £10.00

Where : Body Shop Outlets, Body Shop Online

I read that honey and oat masks are one of the best masks you can make at home – it’s simple, all you need is honey and oats – both relatively cheap and easy to find. I found this mask sitting next to the Tea Tree Mask (a favourite of mine) and I thought, if someone mixed the right parts of honey and oats for me to save me the trouble of messing up my kitchen, and of course getting the amounts of honey and oats totally wrong, then who am I to argue?!

I have very dry skin sometimes, so the moisturizing effect this mask claimed to have appealed to me greatly. Once opened, you get that sickly sweet honey smell and while it might be too much to some, I simply loved it. It’s quite rich and thick so you don’t need much when applied. The instructions say weekly, so as with all my other trials, I tried it for one month. My dry skin was kept at and my skin was left feeling quite smooth – was it glowing? No – but it left my skin feeling and looking very supple, and since my skin is so hard to buy for, finding a product that I don’t violently react to and actually works on me is a God-send. For £10.00, definitely worth a buy and lasts well over 3 months when used once a week.

There are other brands I would like to try first before re-buying this immediately, but I will do (one day) seeing as how I don’t react to it.

Get it online here.


IMG_9423 (600x400)

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream



Name: Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

Price: £46.10 for 100ml

Where: Dermalogica Online, Dermalogica approved vendors



When I got badly burnt by IPL laser treatment for my pesky acne/pimples/milia went wrong, the lady that did my session panicked and practically gave me every moisturizer known to man. vitamin E lotion and aloe vera serum to help calm both me and my skin down were two of them.

Having been a fan of Dermalogica for many years, I was give this cream in an attempt to smoothen out my burns and calm and hydrate my already angry skin.  The first thing you notice about this cream when applied is its smell – not the most pleasant, but I’m not fussy, as long as it works.

After 4 weeks of trying this cream, I don’t have much to rave about I’m afraid, yes, it kept my skin hydrated, but I also broke out into pimples. Also, I didn’t notice any change in my skin (apart from the pimples) Its a bit on the heavy side too – and added oil to my already oily-combination skin.  There are better products out there for a fraction of the price I’m afraid.

its too expensive for what it really is – an OK hydrating moisturizer. There are better products out there for a fraction of the price I’m afraid. No go for me.

Get here online (if you really really want to) if you think your skin is not as sensitive as mine was. Perhaps you’ll like it more than I did.





Name: Nanoblur

Price: £17.50 – £19.99

Where : eBay, Boots Counters Nationwide



After reading an article in the Daily Mail (my secret addiction) I came across an article about the latest craze. Indeed labs latest offering to the image conscious humans of the world – NanoBlur. Promising to work in 40 seconds, reducing signs of aging by up to 10 years, and giving its user completely flawless and skin texture perfect. Very bold statements – I mean come on – it sounds like they have bottled up magic in a tube! Their tag line? ‘Tomorrow’s high technology today’. Not modest claims at all, not by a long shot anyway!

I had to have it. I ordered it straight away from boots and a few days later – it arrived. It’s meant to be an ‘optical’ cream – God knows what that means, is it meant to disappear or something? Anyway – on it went on my makeup free face, apparently to get the best out of the product. The results? Skin looks matte and that’s about it. I didn’t look 10 years younger (though I didn’t believe this claim in the first place – is this was true, they would not be charging £20 for it!) and I didn’t have flawless, prefect skin. It really just a mattifying gel. I tried it over and foundation and found it balled up which looked awful – it looked like I had a pasty face! £20 for a product that does nothing but make your skin matte and dull is a robbery! Sorely disappointed from a company that promised nothing short of the moon and stars but failed to deliver on all accounts. Shame on you Indeed Labs!






See a difference? No? Look again. A little. Tiny bit. Smoothed out the skin a little. The lines are not AS noticeable. Not enough to warrant such a  price tag though!

Get it here if you like – but I wouldn’t if I were you! If you want something to smooth out the skin and blur the pesky lines, try Make Up Forever All Mat Base or Benefit’s the POREfessional.


Decleor Hydra Floral


Name: DECLÉOR Hydra Floral

Price: £32.20 for 40ml or £39.80 for 50ml

Where : DECLÉOR Online


By now I’m sure you know a few things about me – and my skin is one I know I go on about quite a lot. I had been reading up on how to get rid of my milia/acne/pimple/scarring and came up with IPL – which promised to be a fast and painless procedure. I found out that my local beautician offered this and was invited to go down for a patch test. Now I have been here before facials, so I knew all the girls quite well.

Off I went one Saturday afternoon and the test was done – on my cheek. A slightly hot sensation followed and soon enough, I was off home. As soon as I got home, the better half asked what happened to my face – it had three prominent lines on it. He said (and i’ll never forget this) ‘looks like you got newspaper ink on your face’.  I looked in the mirror and was mortified. I was burned. I went back to the shop and was given loads of cream to help with the burning and was told to come back on Sunday where the manager wanted to see me. Suffice to say I was beside myself.

This was one of the creams given to me to help my skin and I cannot say it did much really – mind you, I had so many other creams to put on as well  – I don’t know if I gave it a chance to work. This is one cream that I will have to give a second chance very soon. Will update you once Ive tried it out (again)!

favicon The Good: Smells lovely, quickly absorbed in the skin

favicon The Bad: Can feel a little heavy

favicon The Ugly: A little expensive

Get it here online.

Dermalogica mediBac Overnight Clearing Gel

Dermalogica mediBac Overnight Clearing Gel



Name: Dermalogica mediBac Overnight Clearing Gel

Price: £40.30 for 50ml

Where: Dermalogica Online, Approved Dermalogica Vendors



I bought this as another hope to cure my pesky pimple problem. Its the most I’ve ever spent on anything solely for targeting pimples. After using Dermalogica products over the years, I tried this for a month, twice a day, and it works fine under make-up. Its clear and very quickly absorbed by the skin which is great. It has no apparent smell – in fact it smells of nothing really. Its contains tea tree oil too, which is great for assisting in rejuvenation of skin. After a month, I could see my pimples going down, but along with that, came the dry skin patches. I wasn’t pleased with this part of it at all and after a month, I just could not take any more skin peeling and had to stop – I went into mousturizer overdrive.

For its price, its very expensive for what it does and a cautious warning, it does take ages to work/see any difference. Also not a fan of the dryness afterwards. Verdict: An ok product if you have the time and patience, better ones out there though.

favicon The Good: Pimples are reduced after 4 weeks of constant use

favicon The Bad: Dry skin

favicon The ugly: A tad expensive, took too long to work

Get it here online if you can’t pop by a shop near you.

Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion



Name: Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

Price: £13.00

Where : Body Shops Outlets, Body Shop Online



Before buying the Body Shops Vitamin C Microdermabrasion, I had read loads about it before buying this. It’s supposed to removed the dead skin, impurities and improve your overall skin tone, leaving your skin brighter, more radiant and all round more beautiful. This baby packs a burst of vitamin C, which is always good for you so I thought I’d give it a try. I am quite sensitive when it comes to scrubs and there have been a few which have left me red raw, peeling and an overall feeling of un-beautifulness. Sad times!

I bought this when I had particularly bad skin and was hoping for a miracle. The grains are in the wash are tiny, finer than sand, but you still feel them and there is a lovely smell of oranges when opened! The instruction is to use twice a week, and so I did, diligently. After a month, my skin was a little better and smoother, though I had a lot of peeling and very dry skin – maybe this was a sign of the product working and removing my dead skin – but it was horribly dry and even appeared under mountains of liquid foundation – not a good look for work. I abandoned ship and piled on the vitamin E.

For £13, I think it wasn’t much of a noticeable difference for me to pay that amount and it took too long – I just could not live with the dryness and peeling for more than a month. No-go for me I’m afraid.

Get it here if you think your skin is not as sensitive as mine.

Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion