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Summer flowers everywhere! (including soil on my carpet of course!)

summer flowers

My very own greenhouse

Before we left for Singapore, we had purchased some bulbs for summer flowers in early March from Thomson Morgan (when I jumped the gun and spotted Daffodils blooming outside – the post here). Anyway they arrived and because it too god-damn cold to plant outside, the better half has come up with the genius idea of placing ALL of the plants in the kitchen ledge. Continue reading

Daffodils peek-a-boo means it must be March


Daffodils Peek-A-Boo!

I noticed these gorgeous Daffodils as I was running to the train station this morning. Blooming daffodils mean two things – that its warm enough for them to bloom and its warm. Enough said! These were planted by the previous owners and through the years we’ve had a lovely bloom of these gorgeous canary yellow ones in the front garden – they are such a pretty sight when all of them come up and by the time we are thick in the middle of summer – the garden resembles a mish-mash of colours. We’ve already placed an order for our trailing potted plants with Thomson Morgan – don’t ask me why, but apparently we are already very late to order them (according to the flower guy on the phone) What will follow is we will only get the plugs end of April if we are lucky and then the process of plating every basket will begin – will be gross and dirty at first – but once they are in full bloom – ohh la-la!

Check out Thomson-Morgan flowers here – we get their trailing lobelias, trailing busy lizzies and petunias.

Happy planting!