Olay 3 point Super Serum

Olay 3 point super serum

Name: Olay 3 Point Super Serum

Cost: £29.99

Where: Boots or online here

Start date of test: 20 June 2013

Testing in: Morning and Evening (morning under make-up)



*Read updated version with results here*

I was reading through the daily mail last week when something caught my eye. ‘The secret £10 wrinkle buster…’ I love reading articles like that – why? Because I’m a massive idiot and I believe everything I read in the papers. Clinically proven, tired and confirmed blah blah blah. That was one off the main reasons I started doing this review website – there was just so many things I bought that were tried and clinical that I have lost count how much money I’ve spent  – AND I didn’t see any difference Foolish? Perhaps. I’m working on it though – one unhealthy addiction at a time! 🙂

This time, I’m doing my OWN trial.  Yes, you head me. How? Well, yesterday evening, I popped to Harley Street to The London Dermatalogy Centre on Wimpole Street and got a 3D scan of my face using their VISIA 3D face mapping machine (See picture of results below) no surprise my biggest flaws were spots and wrinkles.  This machine tells you all the lies about your face you’ve been trying to hide with make up.  Oh yes – its a bitch to meet but it’s the only way I can scientifically prove if something works – and I have no hidden agenda (I’m not a journalist who might have been paid to write the article #justsaying)

Visis Results

Visia Results – the higher the number the better

And so, this morning, Ive started using the same cream that article advised, Olay’s 3-point Super Serum, which contains this super ingredient that apparently is common in many creams ‘Matrixyl’.  Read the article from the Daily Mail here. Apparently, the results were astonishingly good. The writer who tested it went fro 55/100 to 95/100 after 4 weeks. Impressed? I will be if I get results like that!

So – in four weeks time (unless I get a terrible reaction to it of course) – I’ll do an update on this and you can judge for yourself. Ive already booked in my Visia appointment! Wish me luck!


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