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Name: Ramescar

Cost: £19.00

Where: Get it from Boots

Start date of test: 28 June 2014

Testing in: Morning and Evening

After popping my beautiful little baby girl out, I was left with the not so beautiful stretch marks on the lower part of my belly, probably thanks to her being almost 2 weeks overdue. I was so sure I wouldn’t get any as I was so diligent with putting on the cocoa butter stretch mark prevention cream every night and had none until I hit 40 weeks.

Its an odorless stick that you put on twice a day. How does it work? Remescar is designed for scar care. It reduces new and old scars. It can also be used as a preventive therapy on closed wounds to reduce scarring – which means its perfect for stretchmarks. The magical ingredient is silicone. Ta-daa!! 🙂 🙂

I guess I should be grateful as I know many other ladies get it far worse than me, still – its unsightly and I don’t care what the better half says ‘no darling you look lovely’ and ‘what stretchmarks?’ Good effort for trying, but failing miserably at making me feel that the stretch marks are invisible.

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I read this article in the Daily Mail here a while back as as soon as I realised that the marks on my lower belly were not in fact a trick of the light, I recalled this article and decided to try out this new wonder product. Now, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would know that it annoys me when journalists who are most probably paid by the papers try out products and of course it always works for them, but when the average Jane like you and me buy said miracle products, we never see the desired results. And so, if the items are not that pricey, I decided that I would do my own scientific research, to buy it, try it, then post it for you to see for yourself.

Right – so here is a picture of my lovely stretchmarks today. I will update you with pictures in 28 days and you can tell me if you see a difference and worth you spending the money to buy it for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Ramescar

  1. Rachel

    Very interested to see how well this works! My stomach is covered in Stretchmarks, i’m looking at cosmetic surgery… Or a miricle x

    1. Kimmy Post author

      Hi Rachel,

      Me too! Fret not – I’ll definitely be updating this post! And like you – I’m hoping for a miracle! If not…. Harley Street here I come…. 🙂



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