Celine Boston Bags

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Right now, I am debating with myself. Do I, spend less on clothes, shoes, other random stuff and save my pennies so I can afford to buy this gorgeous Celine Boston Bag at the end of the year, or go without, and risk seething with jealousy everytime some perfect girl with longer legs, perfect skin and beautiful hair walks past with one of these. I don’t even know how much these cost, I’m too afraid to look! I have seen the beige one and cannot decide which one I like the best – mind you, I still don’t now if I want it badly enough to forgo other things that I want to buy to review.

I’m trying to stay away from darker colours this year – all I ever seem to have in my closet in black. Black shoes, black bags, black clothes with the odd dark grey top. Its like I’m in constant mourning with my colour of choice. I don’t know if pastels will work on my tanned skinned though – but I’m willing to try – right now, Ive been scouring the web for floral jeans – I don’t know if its going to be a good different, or a different different The better half has already raised an eyebrow when I told him what I was looking for. 🙁

Do I really need another bag though – I have 4 – my Gucci one was stolen from me last June when I got mugged 🙁 🙁 🙁  ….the bastards. BUT – all the bags I have now, well, they are all black. I seriously need some colour in my wardrobe. Wish me luck!

Perhaps you can help make my mind up for me?!?!?! HELP. PLEASE.


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