Chloé dress and Christian Louboutin Triboclou shoes

chloe (194x259)

Urghh. I wish my numbers came up in the lottery – buying these would be straight after donating money to various animal charities, buying my folks a new home, and then paying all my relatives mortgages. After my charitable giving, it’s only fair that I get to splash out on this outfit for myself no? Alas, even if I had the money, I wonder if I would actually buy these – they are crazy expensive. I wouldn’t dare go out of the house in case random women try to strip me of the dress and shoes – leaving me almost stark naked with (possibly) mis-matched VS knickers and a very embarrassed mother.

I adore the delicate cut-outs of the side of this dress – just the right amount to tantalize, not enough to be accused of stripping. Chloé’s beaded crepe violin dress is a masterpiece designed by the maestro himself; Karl Lagerfeld, in 1983, this gorgeous style has been re-released to celebrate the Parisian powerhouse’s 60th anniversary.

Get the dress here if you can part with £2075 – don’t forget to send me pictures of you in the dress so I can be jealous! (perhaps we could be friends and you loan me their dress for the Battersea Charity dinner?!)

christianlouboutintriboclousuede (566x343)christianlouboutintriboclousuede3 (466x282)

Christian Louboutin – sigh. if only I could afford more of his shoes – mind you, I would be scared to walk around in them as they are too precious (and too expensive for any surface to touch) I have been looking for a pair of peep toe shoe boots every since I spied Victoria Beckham had some made for her and her models while showcasing her last show – Manolo Blahnik’s they were. I doubt they will be up for sale (and if they were, I doubt I could afford them either!)

I love these ones from Louboutin – Triboclou Suede are what they are called and they retail for £895. What I especially love (and appreciate) is that there are three buckles to hold your ankle in place – I have chicken ankles and so they flap about if the top opening was a standard size without the option of tightening. Still – sadly – I will have to admire these from afar – way to pricey (unless my lucky numbers come up this weekend of course!

Happy coveting!


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