Dwell Stag Diamante Duvet Cover

While walking about the Ideal Home Exhibition, we chanced upon a wardrobe company that had a bedroom set up and they had the prettiest duvet sheet on – they mentioned Dwell, and yesterday I wrote about them having a 50% sale at the moment!  Go have a peek, there are so many great things on sale!!!

Here is the duvet cover that I am in love with from Dwell – Its called the Diamante Stag Head duvet cover –  but I simply cannot justify paying so much money! (unless the bonus comes good of course, then I’m right in there like a flash!)  It would look perfect with my other covet – The Sweet Pea and Willow Classical White Taupe Bed.

Dwell Diamante Stag Head Duvet Cover

I promise it looks bloody gorgeous up close and personal and if you are lucky enough to buy one – please take a picture and send it over! Like I said, If I get a big enough bonus – I might just splash out on it and will take loads of pictured for you to see!! I am convinced that (and if I can convince the better half that we need new duvet sheets to match our brand spanking new wardrobes) it is goign to look gorgeous in our bedroom. Failing that, it is just goign to appear on our doorstep with a handwritten note that says ‘belated Christmas present from Santa as Kimmy has be exceptionally good’ or ‘lost, please take me in and place me on bed’. Hahahaha.  I will keep you updated!

Did you see anything you like in the online sale? I saw LOADS!!

Happy Shopping!


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