Sweetpea and Willow Classical White Taupe Silk Bed

Sweetpea and Willow

Sweetpea and Willow

I love this classical Sweetpea & Willow white bed – its so elegant and screams to be looked at. At £2395.00 for the Super King size – I nearly had a mini heart attack – BUT I do think the bed is exquisite. The better half thinks its pretty, but he is also a realist and knows (as do I of course) that there is nothing wrong with our bed and this is quite a big expense. Why oh why does he always have to be so darn sensible!

Have a look through the Sweetpea & Willow site, they have such gorgeous home decor that I could end up spending all my money on this site, mind you, at least the house will look lovely!

I can’t wait to buy a lottery ticket this Friday!  Haha!

Get the bed here.

Have a look at the full website here.

Happy shopping!



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